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We do a custom

cut of each of Shakespeare's scripts for our performances.

We aren't

Elizabethan scholars;

we're a bunch of actors who want Shakespeare to be more fun to watch and perform without changing

the language

(too much).

A man sits in a chair in a darkened theater. He's wearing a grey t-shirt with a darker grey inkspot design preinted on it. He's typing on a laptop that's resing on his right thigh.

Free to use. Free to edit. Free to share.

Attribution appreciated!


Cut by Michael Fernandez, edited by Peyton Brown and the SBO cast
Runtime: 70 min

As a visual learner, I started by watching the 1935 film, a mostly great watch aside from the screeching child Puck performed by Mickey Rooney. This gave me some ideas as to where some large cuts could go without compromising the story. After making those larger edits, I took the proverbial machete to it, and then Peyton went through it and added back in some important parts I haphazardly chopped out. Runtime is a little over an hour, and I think it's a pretty fun, tight cut. — Michael

Cut by Michael Fernandez, edited by Peyton Brown and the SBO cast
Runtime: 90 min (virtual)

I started once again with the movie. The 1967 version staring Elizabeth Taylor was actually not bad, but really not great. Instead of following along, this time I let the movie marinate a bit, to understand what I thought was integral to the story. Then made some serious cuts based entirely on the idea of giving the women in the story more agency, and the men less. With the help of Peyton, we changed the ending completely, which I think really makes the end of this play palatable, rather than awful. — Michael

Edited by Peyton Brown, Michael Fernandez and the SBO cast

Runtime: ~110 minutes

Peyton might have some insight to put here later about why he made the cuts he did, but I wouldn't hold my breath — he's always got a lot of lines to learn.

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